Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Why the Authority are so paranoid bout the air transport safety?

Statistically air travel is far-far-far safer than land travel, it is calculated that the odds of dying in a road accident to be 1 in 98 for a lifetime and 1 in 7,178 for a lifetime for air transport, that's like 73 times safer am i right? But u don't need a statistic figure to know that, i mean when was the last time u heard bout a fatal air crash accident in Malaysia? and how many times u heard about fatal road accidents in Malaysia?

So now since we agree that air travel is much-much-much more safer than land travel,

- How come they asked u to wear seat-belts in flight & they pay someone to ensure u wear it (flight attendant's duty) but when u ride a bus nobody cares bout it & some bus don't even have seat-belts installed~
- If your bus breaks down in the middle of jungle at midnight without any torchlights inside it's nobody's fault but if the authority found out that your flight took-off without sufficient amount of torchlights in broad daylight the airline will be fined, they crew will be blamed & may be suspended~
- If the bus tyre punctured, anybody cn replace it using any brand of tyre as long it's the correct size, if the brake needs a replacement any mechanic can install a new one~ but in an aircraft, the law said any replacement or repair works must be done by a certified engineer & mechanic and it has to be done according to the manuals published by the aircraft's manufacturer, they must use only certified spare parts, and everything has to be documented; the engineer's details, the parts serial number, the procedures done & etc
-If u try to bring a pocket knife in a flight, with multiple security checks you won't be able to do so~ not to mention you can't even bring a bottle of mineral water~ but in a bus you can even bring an AK-47 riffle inside ur knapsack if you want~ 

Although some of the laws & rules are too strict i think everybody agrees the main purpose is to ensure safety at the highest level, or is it? coz why only imposed it on air transport when it's the land transport that requires extra safety precautions, after all u are 73x more likely to die in a bus than in an aircraft~ 
So why?
Money might be one of the reason, although it all started with public perception or fear towards air travel which were dealt with extra safety features & precautions but along the way it became it evolved into a big multi-billion dollars businesses for the providers,
 Why aircraft's screws & bolts are more expensive than ur normal screws & bolts? 'aviation standard', ok fair enuff but why aircraft's air freshener cost 5x more than ur normal air freshener? 
Why cockpit's communication equipment sanitizer has to be imported from overseas can't we just use dettol? 'aviation standard'? maybe partly but i think money is the main reason

Before i continue with the other reason we have to remember that most of the aviation laws are governed by the international organizations mainly ICAO & IATA, our local national aviation laws in MCAR imposed by DCA are moulded to satisfy their requirements,

and i think the laws were imposed NOT for your safety but for theirs, all the security checks all the L&G rules, on the basis it's for your own safety, u'll feel safer knowing dat no one in your flight have dangerous weapons, nobody can use it to hijack the aircraft, So why don't they impose it on land public transport, people can still hijack the bus, they can kill all the passengers with guns they brought, why? coz an hijacked bus in the middle of Karak won't bother them but an hijacked 200 tonnes aircraft with 50 tonnes of fuel in the middle of their airspace will bother them~ :-)

p/s - all of this were just my personal two cents~ hv a good day peeps~ ;-)

Friday, 16 November 2012

The One.. And only Steven George Gerrard

You have to feel sorry for Steven Gerrard.. technically, he's one of English finest player ever but his team is in the bottom half of the premier league's table (although nowadays they r used to it~ lol), when he made his debut for Liverpool back in the 90's his sole main intention was to win back THE premier league title after years of domination by their arch-rival (the mighty Manchester United off coz), so far he has won.. none~!! and last time he played in Champions League, Mario Balotelli was still at school~ 

On the international level, it doesn't look good as either, tipped as the England's golden generation alongside Owen, Beckham & Lampard, he has won.. none as well~!! they didn't even qualified for semi-final in any competition~ and tabloids speculated that the only reason why John Terry & Rio Ferdinand got the nod to captain the three lions ahead of him was because they won more trophies compared to him~! And just when he was about to celebrate his 100th cap for the country, the moment was ruined by Zlatan Ibrahimovich who stole the limelight with his 4 goals & the last one was probably one of the best goal of the year~

He's not getting any younger, and since winning big trophies in the future is almost impossible for him & moving to other premier league club would create a horror backlash, my personal suggestion to Mr Stevie G is move to PSG, earn millions euros of retirement money, win some Ligue 1 titles, play & enjoy some great champions league games, and then retired as a happy man~ u deserved it~! hoho

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Abang Jib.. Pemimpin Berjiwa Rakyat..

He is the eldest son of Malaysia's 2nd Prime Minister & also a nephew of Malaysia's 3rd Prime Minister, he was raised in the 'white house' and grew up among the elite group of Malaysia's society, (i mean have u ever came across a prime minister's son going to school with his bicycle or in a sardine-packed school bus?)

He became the YB of Pekan at the age of 23 unopposed due to respect of his late father who passed away, (ahh 23, at that age most of us were still looking for our first step in this grueling & challenging world, but who are we compared to Najib he's brilliant he's a genius~) He was first assigned into the Cabinets of Malaysia as a Deputy Minister at the age of 25~! yeah nothing to do with his father, remember he was the creme de la creme of his generation~

So when he choosed to board a bus during his meet-the-public tour in Perak, a lot of people were overwhelmed by the gesture of a Prime Minister with such backgrounds, he said 

"It used to be by car but this time we board the bus to meet the people. I want to feel what its like to do away with protocol, There must be no barrier to separate leaders and the people,"

Heartwarming? not for so long~ because last time i was in a Rapid KL or Transnasional bus i vividly remembered dat my seat wasn't a spacious & luxurious leather sofas with coffee table~!

 So i guess that is as good as it can be for him to experience people's hardships, so whatever he said about 'berjimat-cermat', spend the money wisely & blah blah blah regarding fuel & food price hike, it was the comedy of the year~! (fact : asked any hotel manager how much they spent on new curtains, carpet & etc for Najib & Rosmah 1 night stay, yeah 1 night~!)
Well Abang Jib, Michael Jackson said.

'Im starting with the man in the mirror,
Im asking him to change his ways,
And no message could haven been any clearer'

But im afraid that's not your case.

Just for fun comparison this is Nik Aziz's house in Pulau Melaka, Kelantan for decades

This is Mat Sabu's house, a typical 'rakyat' terrace house

This is typical Malaysia's prison cell where Anwar Ibrahim, Lim Guang Eng, Mat Sabu, Mahfuz Omar has been locked up in

Not to forget Tuan Guru Haji Hadi house in Marang

So who really portrayed the 'Man in the mirror' lyric, 'lead by example', 'pemimpin berjiwa rakyat' slogans in their life? you decide for yourself. 

Thursday, 22 September 2011

Malaysians 'cakap tak serupa bikin' culture~

Yup we Malaysians are quite famous with this kind of culture, unfortunately most of them are not so cool, annoying, and very inconsiderate to others. But looking at it from different perspectives it is quite unique & funny~ these are some of the examples :

1. Everybody wants a wider & spacious road but everybody still practice double or triple parking

    Quite often, the illegal parking spot will be considered as 'locally legal' since dat's the standard practice

2. Everybody wants a clean city but yet everybody still litter, owh i can totally post a new topic about this~ yeah we keep saying that our singaporean neighbours have a cleaner city because they are more developed, better equipped, have a strict law & blah blah blah the list goes on, but for comparison even our other neighbour cities such as Palembang, Indonesia & Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam have cleaner city than us, In fact Palembang won an ASEAN award as the cleanest city in 2008 if im not mistaken. ashamed? yes we should~!

Jalan Bukit Bintang                 

Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam. Populated yes but ain't dirty~

    Palembang, Indonesia. (ASEAN Cleanest city 2008)

Japan~ every inches scrubbed~! ideally that's the target

3. Everybody wants a good governance, corruption free, and fair country but does everybody practice it? We tend to blame others (policemen is the usual suspect for collecting 'duit kopi') but everybody have their own responsibility. Here are some example of small minor stuffs that we overlooked : 

a) If we don't offer 'duit kopi' & nobody practice it no policemen will dare to ask for it~
b) We are hired & paid to work let say 8 hours everyday but do we really work for 8 hours? minus 
nonsense chit-chating minus mc-dreamy moment minus FB moment how much left? Then claim overtime some more~
c)  Let say we submit a transport claim fr or employer for every km that we travelled,some claim 50km transport fee for a 30km journey some claim rm50 taxi fee for a rm15 train fee~ 

The point here is no matter how evil is your boss no matter how corrupted is your company you must be honest to yourself, have the self integrity, only then you can achieve the inner peace for a better life (one of the reasons why even billionaire who have everything cannot have the happiness). For Muslims it is even more important, whatever you earned to feed yourself & your family, make sure it came from a clean source because every cent counts. Without 'barakah' it is impossible to completely achieve what you want.

So for conclusion it is actually a culture that we can't be proud off but changes can be done one step at a time~ 'STARTING WITH MAN IN THE MIRROR'

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Welcome to 'Flying Kedai Kopi' what would it be?

Once again welcome to my blog~ I guess this is the best channel for me to 'membebel' about everything happening around us rather than spamming everybody's facebook wall~ I do consider most of my perspectives as 'brilliant' although most of you won't agree which will make it very exciting~! I will write about everything but just to give you a glimpse of what it would be here are the list of my current 'membebel' interests:

1. Football (Im a Red Devil's supporter since 1994)
2. Local Politics (i'll try to be neutral and write stuffs with facts since both side hv pros & cons {but my 'undi bocor' goes to PR})
3. Fitness, Health & Science (At the moment addicted to running, u can check my runkeeper records on FB which i'll try to incorporate with this blog)
4. Aviation (since im working with an airline~)
5. Cooking, one of my hobby
6. Movies (never missed a movie that i intended to watch~!)
7. Musics, entertainment, jokes & etc etc etc

So let's do it & feel free to be part of it~ admit it, an intellectual argument is quite fun~! 
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